Youth Achievement Program

Although A.B.O.V.E. is still young, we strongly believe that “Knowledge is Power” and feel as though there  is a need to contribute to the advancement and future of these less fortunate, yet young, bright, ambitious individuals; teaching them to take advantage of opportunities for continuing education and professional development.  Our program includes:

Professional/Career Development - allows students to acquire basic skills (including decision-making skills), gain experience in the workforce and transition successfully from school to adult. 

Financial Management – The purpose is to help students develop a plan to manage their funds appropriately.  They will learn how to set financial goals and the benefit of budgeting their income.   In addition, they will develop a better understanding of the use of credit and debit cards.  Finally, the students will receive guidance on the various types of bank accounts and on how to open and maintain a bank account.   

College Readiness - develops the importance of time-management, self-advocacy and goal oriented planning while encouraging life-long learning.  Students will also learn communication and writing skills. 

Cultural Awareness - encourages self-worth and helps individuals identify personal values and values of culturally different groups in an effort to promote respect for all individuals.  

Health and Wellness – designed to educate students about the benefits of healthy living and how effective it is for improving study habits and provide wellness programs that are available to promote good health and hygiene.  Youth will also explore managing stress, conflict resolution, identifying/managing emotions and other health related issues.


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